Information, photos and videos on Robert Greene, the best selling author of the 48 Laws of Power, 33 Strategies of War, and Art of Seduction. Recently, Greene has also collaborated with 50 Cent on the 50th Law, as well as released an eBook the Descent of Power.

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Robert Greene, Co-Author of The 50th Law with Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, on his thoughts on 50 Cent - "He (50 Cent, Curtis Jackson) is actually very sweet and he kind of is one of those guys who had no mother, he's always missing a mother, his mother was murdered when he was 8 years old. Whenever there is a women in the room, he becomes alive and he becomes extremely charming. So he's actually got a soft spot that a lot of people don't realize. He's also kind of quiet--he is not really a party person at all. He likes to work and he likes to work out. He's not what people think at all. It is so hard to do the business book about 50 because he (50 Cent, Curtis Jackson) is so weird and exceptional..." - Robert Greene

Robert Greene - The 48 Laws of Power / Art of Seduction

Robert Greene, Author of the 48 Laws of Power and Art of Seduction, sits in an interview - "Normally people don't do articles about me...people usually come to me for advice. My mother use to get the books and place it in the front of the stores. Writers are kind of weird people because you live in your head a lot. In your dream world, you are this exciting person but in fact, an author is in their office, thinking a lot reading books. So I have read writings that I thought they would be something and they are totally different... I got really into drugs but I got out of that...We invented the most cruelest games but basically there would two people that would be the escaped Jews from the concentration camps..." - Robert Greene

Robert Greene, Author of 33 Strategies of War, on the War on Iraq (2006) - "Well it is obviously going very badly--everybody knows that, it is no great mystery...I was telling my girlfriend how this can end...there is no end game here. One of the chapters in the book is the exit strategy, which is very important for life, for business and obviously for war. And I think people got into this war for emotional reasons--post 9-11 there was a bit of anger and retribution. There was also a rosy scenario that the New York conservatives had about building up this bastion of democracy in the Middle East, and people did not think through this whole thing about the end game. To me this is a basic violation of one of the most solid military principles."-Robert Greene

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